Shopping Experience: Augmented Reality in the retail sector.

Augmented Reality in the retail sector

Recently we were in a showcase in the Telefonica Center in Madrid partnering with Nokia for an Augmented Reality experience for the retail sector.

The demo was based on a showing a posible use case of a shop (clothes and accessories in this case) with interactive possibilities over the elements around the shop itself.

To access to the virtual contents, we based the development in the junaio tool from metaio, our Augmented Reality partner. Also, the experience was deployed on EPSON Moverio BT-200 smart glasses in order to interact in a hands-free way.

The interaction on the store, are detailed here:

  • – Over a table, scanning the image it was possible to see a slide show with several products and detailed information about them.
  • – Several shoe boxes could be scanned showing 3D models ovelays.
  • – With rollups on the shop, scanning them it was possible to show alpha videos (transparency) and 360 view environments.
  • – Another two cubes, using 2D tracking allowed to see several 3D models with animations (created in the junaio supported model format FBX). Interacting with this models took the user to download discounts and information.
  • – Some t-Shirts were hanged tos can and show event information.
  • – As the last element, the labels in the clothes, scanning them user could obtain information about the colours, size and stock number as well.


We want to thank to Nokia Spain team about their kind and warmly welcome.



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