Four utilities that you can do with Augmented Reality through Tango

The Tango project and Augmented Reality

“See more of your world” the motto appearing on the official website of the Tango project.
The project brings a different perspective to visualize spaces or objects with the camera on your mobile device. Exclusive for smartphones with Android operating system have visual real-time information on everything around you.

Tango lets you see more of the world around you. Keep the phone and displayed as virtual objects and information appear at the top of their environment. No matter where you are there is always an augmented reality experience even richer and more innovative.

Interacting with 3D objects

With interactivity in 3D Augmented Reality elements what is intended is that the user can interact with these elements; move them, expand them and position them so as to give real meaning to the scene.

Augmented Reality video games

You can enjoy games and view them in a different way, interacting with real objects in any situation.

Applications for Education

There is no doubt that one of the main uses of Augmented Reality is in education. With the Tango project you have the ability to view and interact with 3D elements make easier the teaching of certain content.

Making measurements of real objects


From eDiamSistemas we offer the chance to experience all these possibilities offered by augmented reality AR-Experience testing our application.