Augmented Reality EPSON Moverio

Live a unique experience

EPSON moverio BT-350

The moverio model BT-350 is focused on creating experiences for the user. It is a comfortable model, easy to carry and flexible for different possibilities in museums and heritage sites, theatres, tourist visits and events.

Live new experiences and opportunities

Visitors no longer have to imagine how an extinct dinosaur would roam or roar millions of years ago or what a 2,000-year-old statue would look like originally. Thanks to the power of augmented reality, these objects can come alive before the eyes of the spectators and the images are automatically superimposed on exhibitions, statues, ruins, etc.

Hands-free experience

The neck strap of Moverio allows visitors to put it in the viewfinder and remove it as needed and always have their hands free. The keys of the controller can be customized or deactivated so that visitors interact very easily. Its advanced features allow RA content to appear automatically, without visitors needing to control any command.

Technical characteristics EPSON moverio BT-350

The BT-350 model has Si-OLED technology that allows a perfect transparency on the screen, making the experience much more real.

  • Screen size: 0.43 inch wide panel (16: 9)
  • Number of pixels: 921,600 pixels (1,280x 720) x RGB
  • Field of vision: approx. 2. 3
  • Screen size (projection distance): 80 inches in 5 m – 320 inches in 20 m
  • Color reproduction: 24 bit color (16.77 million colors)
  • Update frequency: 30 Hz
  • Camera: 5 million pixels
  • GPS: Yes, in the controller
  • Compass: Yes, both in the headphones and in the controller
  • Gyroscope: Yes, both in the headphones and in the controller
  • Accelerometer: Yes, both in the headphones and in the controller
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Lighting sensor: Yes

Use cases EPSON moverio BT-350

Museums and heritage sites

Cultural visits can take a new approach with the use of smartglasses moverio BT-350. Thanks to the Augmented Reality, the user can discover things that he had never seen before. Unimaginable surroundings in which you will live a unique experience.
Thanks to the use of beacons, you can activate the experience automatically without requiring any interaction by the user.
In addition, during the visit you can accompany audio any multimedia content to make the experience much easier and more intuitive for the user.

Events and shows

How about receiving real-time information on the match statistics and seeing them superimposed on the BT-350 move? This is possible and thanks to the OLED technology, which gives a perfect transparency on the screen, the user could access information while enjoying the game or the show.

EPSON moverio BT-2000/2200

A revolutionary and resistant concept of smart glasses with transparent binocular screen for industrial environments in which it is mandatory to wear a helmet.
Designed to successfully meet critical industrial needs, it features a comfortable and rugged design that allows it to be used in harsh environments for long periods of time along with a variety of protective helmets. It incorporates a high definition screen to offer detailed information, IP54 certification and autonomous voice commands, and offers the possibility of creating user interfaces based on head tracking and gesture control.

Authentic augmented reality

The best and most authentic augmented reality experience thanks to its transparent qHD binocular screen, its 3D functionality and its 5 MP stereo front camera with three-dimensional depth detection, which detects the dimensions and the spatial position of the objects with each other.

Long duration

Its unique and comfortable design with Android operating system and replaceable batteries (with functional exchange functionality) allow you to use the device for long periods of time.

Precise positioning, even in indoors

In addition to GPS, the product also incorporates an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) from Epson: a high-precision motion sensor with a much lower margin of error than conventional sensors. This allows the team to accurately detect the movements of workers when a GPS signal is not received. Bluetooth LE systems, combined with beacons and Wi-Fi, further improve the accuracy of the interior positioning.

Main characteristics EPSON moverio BT-2000/2200

Main characteristics

  • Can be used with most protective helmets. Comfortable and resistant design, with IP54 certification and protective casing
  • Hands-free operation: Portable display with built-in autonomous voice commands
  • Stereo camera: High-resolution 5 MP stereo front camera with wide tilt angle and three-dimensional depth detection
  • Integrated inertial measurement unit: Motion sensor with a much lower margin of error than conventional sensors
  • Long life: Comfortable design and replaceable batteries (with functional exchange functionality)

Product specifications


  • Type of model Transparent, through the lenses
  • LCD driver method Active polysilicon TFT matrix
  • LCD size 0.42 inch wide panel (16: 9)
  • Number of pixels LCD 518,400 Points (960x 540) x 3
  • Field of vision approx. 23º
  • Colour 24 bit color reproduction (16.77 million colors)
  • 64-inch virtual screen size at a virtual viewing distance of 4 m
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Type of Android OS [4.0.4]


  • Stereo camera 5 million pixels (still image, video), 0.3 million pixels (depth detection)
  • Gyroscope Yes, IMU
  • Accelerometer Yes, IMU
  • Microphone YES
  • Geomagnetic sensor YES
  • Lighting sensor YES


  • IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN b / g / n / a
  • Bluetooth 3.0 HSP, A2DP, HID, OPP, SPP, AVRCP
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE PXP, FMP


  • CPU TI OMAP 4460 1.2GHz Dual Core
  • RAM 1 GB
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • External microSD memory (maximum 2 GB), microSDHC (maximum 32 GB)


  • Controller Physical keys with programmable function
  • Function key Reset, Power, Lock, Back (A), Start (B), Menu (X), Function (Y)
  • Independent voice command


  • Compatible with 3D Side-by-side


  • Battery life approx. 4 Hours (if it works at full capacity)
  • Battery type Removable 1240 mAh lithium-ion batteries (x2)


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