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Experience Augmented Reality

Discover all the features and uses of Augmented Reality.

What is AR Experience?

Mobile application to experience the different options Augmented Reality applications.

This application is a perfect tool to promote your product or brand through augmented reality. From the image of your product you can activate a navigation interface, a video, an interactive 3D element or any media item from the mobile device, giving an added value and a unique experience to your customers user.
The area expands opportunity and can take advantage of every space to reinforce your brand, from the same product exposure (shop, magazine, marquee) to the home consumer.

With this application you can see real markers activated virtual elements. Download markers, focuses on them and enjoy the experience.

How does the application work?

In the home screen you will find the options for downloading the bookmarks and then the different experiences of augmented reality. By clicking on them, you will find a brief explanation of the operation of each of the experiences. In the experiences that a marker is needed to be able to interact with the app, an image of the one that is to be used is shown. Press VIEW to enter the augmented reality view.

Discover all you can do with Augmented Reality

Video with transparency

The multimedia element to display is a video with transparency that fits the image of the marker. Very useful resource for animating brand logos. 

3D Object

In this option you can see a 3D element about the marker image. Pressing the right button activates the animation and the “unicycle” will begin to move (the marker must always be in view). 

Animated 3D objects

In this option you can see a 3D element about the marker image. It starts with an animation in which the glass approaches us and once stopped should keep the right button pressed to continue with the animation. 

Shopping Experience

Experience in Augmented Reality applied to the retail sector. The demonstration is based on the creation of a store, in this case clothes and accessories, in which you can interact with the different elements that appear there.

Virtual tour 360º

It is a new way to offer users the possibility of making a “virtual visit” to any environment. With these developments we bring the future customer to our business, knowing in advance the place that will be visiting soon.


Through the geolocation, we can offer information to the users by physical proximity. Imagine going down an avenue that you do not know where you would want to find a cash machine or a restaurant, geolocation allows access to users of the information that interests us and show it within the location needs it presents.

Face Recognition

The facial recognition system is an application that automatically identifies a person in a digital image, incorporating multimedia elements in Augmented Reality.

Interactivity with objects

With the interactivity of 3D elements what is intended is that the user can interact with these elements, move them, expand them and position them in such a way that they give a real meaning to the scene. Take a photo and then place the options items at the top. You can zoom in, move and rotate them in any position you want (use tactile gestures to perform these actions).

QR code reader

Focus any bar or QR code to read it. Below is the content of the code, if it is a URL, press and open the web page. On the other hand, if it is a phone number, you can press to make the call.


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