Augmented reality budget

To be able to give a budget of augmented reality is as close as possible, it is important to consider to which audience the action is directed and an objective of the action that is going to take place.

Within the type of augmented reality applications that you can budget you would be:

  • Applications in education.
  • Advertising applications.
  • Marketing applications.
  • Applications in industry.
  • Applications in retail.

Once the objectives are those of the application consider the platforms that we will use.

  • Web
  • Mobile

And within the mobile platform the operating system:

  • IOS.
  • Android

Types of Augmented Reality Markers for a Budget

It is also important to realize an augmented reality budget to know what type and quantity of markers a use. Markers of augmented reality can be of 2 types:

  • Images
  • Fiducial

We now turn to the multimedia content that is displayed in an augmented reality application. Depending on the action of the mobile marketing that we are going to realize we can show these elements:

  • 3D objects
  • Animated 3D objects
  • Static images
  • Videos
  • Videos integrated in the image of the marker with transparency.

If you are not clear how this item is displayed in an augmented reality application, you have developed AR-Experience.

An application that helps you understand and see all the possibilities of Augmented Reality.

Finally it is important also to be able to make a budget of an application of the augmented reality we send a wireframe of as it would be the application. Something simple as what the image shows. So our development department can make a more realistic budget to your needs.